A home with a Santa clarita woman

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Michelle Dorsey, who was stabbed to death at a Santa Clarita home — while two of her three children were also in the house — identified her estranged husband, year-old James Matthew Dorseyas her killer just before dying, authorities said.

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They arrived to find a woman with stab wounds. There were two children in the home at the time.

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April 15, Barry Hall told reporters. James is a resident of Washington state.

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He drove down from Washington state on Wednesday, Hall said. Authorities were unsure if he was traveling in the Malibu or the Saturn SUV which he had driven down from Washington state.

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Both vehicles were missing. At around p. Thursday, deputies located Dorsey in the Malibu in the rural northern L. County community of Neenach, located on the border with Kern County, about 15 miles east of Gorman. He refused to exit the car and a standoff ensued. During the standoff, he thrashed around in the car and waved what appeared to be a knife.

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At one point he threw something outside the car. Dorsey filed a restraining order against her estranged husband in L. County Superior Court in August of He moved to Washington state shortly after that.

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The children, meanwhile, would be released to either family members or the California Department of Health and Human Services, officials said. All Videos. Best Of. A new docuseries from MTV dives into the world of the mob.

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Ernie Francis Jr.

A home with a Santa clarita woman

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Husband stabs estranged wife to death in Santa Clarita home, authorities say