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What it's about: Canadian icon Margaret Atwood is known for her works of fiction such as Alias Grace and The Handmaid's Talebut she's also an accomplished poet. Eating Fire collects two decades of Atwood's early poetry from to Recommended by: wayanandtheturtleking. What it's about: First published inUnsettled explores the Canadian north and how Adult girls by Atwood national identity and mythology is shaped by it. His other collections include Career Limiting Moves and Sum.

Recommended by: IrishCanadian2. What it's about: Yvonne Blomer, the current poet laureate for Victoria, B. What it's about: Georgette LeBlanc is the current parliamentary poet laureate of Canada. Alma is a collection of poems that follows a single woman, and the people she comes across in her day-to-day life, living in a small Acadian village during the great Depression and the Second World War.

Recommended by: Pascale Salvatore. Ontario commons LeBlanc named Canada's new parliamentary poet laureate. What it's about: P. was an influential Canadian Adult girls by Atwood and artist who published more than 30 books including poetry, essays and fiction before she died in Hologramher collection, takes an early Renaissance form, the glosa, and reinvents it for the modern era. The critically acclaimed collection is comprised of 14 poems, each of which pays homage to a different poet. Recommended by: Barbara Pelman. The playful yet fearless collection explores the transition from a girl into a young woman.

What it's about: This BeingIngrid Ruthig's debut collection, explores our connection to land, each other and questions how and why we strive to find meaning in our lives. What it's about: Mark Strand is a Canadian-American poet and essayist who won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in for his collection Blizzard of One. Dark Harborwhich came out inis a long poem that explores the divide between imagination and reality, the known and the unknown, isolation and togetherness — the contradictions that combine to create a life. Recommended by: Bob Morouney. Layton, who died inwas one of Canada's most iconic and influential poets.

He didn't start publishing until his 30s, but went on to release more than 30 collections. Layton was appointed to the Order of Canada in What it's about: Heaven's ThievesSue Sinclair's fifth collection of poetry, questions the purpose of our physical being and how our bodies connect us to the ecology around us. Recommended by: CanadianPoets. What it's about: Daphne Marlatt is a B.

Ghost Workswhich was published inis a collection of poems, travel essays, journal writings and Ontario commons which combine to tell a single story about what home and place mean to one woman. Recommended by: mattroyparker. Brask's experience of Judaism. Brask is a professor at the University of Winnipeg, where he teaches theatre and film.

His co-translation of Ulrikka S. Recommended by: Morri Mostow. InHalfe won the Latner Writers' Trust Poetry Prize, which is given to a mid-career poet with a remarkable body of work. Her collection Burning in this Midnight Dream is inspired by the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and explores the traumatic legacy of residential schools.

What it's about: Sarah de Leeuw is a researcher who writes essays, poetry and creative nonfiction. Geographies of a Lover uses the Canadian landscape to explore love, sex and longing. Inthe collection won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, which recognizes the best book of poetry by a British Columbian author. What it's about: Carla Coles is an Ontario-based artist and writer who has released three poetry collections: PoreZarf and Wont. Wontwhich came out inis described to be an "oddly specific collection of poems for a tiny niche audience.

What it's about: Robert Moore is a Canadian poet, actor and playwright who Adult girls by Atwood written four collections of poetry. His latest is 's The Golden Book of Bovinitieswhich is a humorous exploration of all things bovine, but is also a surprising meditation on how we treat animals and each other.

What it's about: Richard Outram was an Ontario-based poet who penned 11 collections. Mogul Recollectedwhich came out inis a collection of poems inspired by the drowning of an elephant off the coast of New Brunswick.

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Outram died in What it's about: Lorna Crozier is a Canadian poet who has written more than a dozen books and was appointed to the Order of Canada in What the Soul Doesn't Want is her most recent collection. It came out in and was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for poetry.

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Recommended by: colleenbabie. What it's about: Breathing at Dusk is an autobiographical poetry collection inspired by Goobie's painful memories of childhood abuse and her process of healing. Goobie, who currently lives in Saskatoon, has written poetry, fiction and books for young adults.

What it's about: Lynn Crosbie is a writer who has written more than one dozen works, ranging from memoir to poetry to fiction. Liar is her book-length poem that explores a seven-year relationship and its difficult, untimely end. Recommended by: amberdawnpullin. What it's about: Blood Orange explores human resilience and our need to have a "home. Heidi Garnett is the author of two collections, her other one is titled Phosphorus. Known as Canada's "unofficial poet laureate," Purdy wrote 39 books, including poetry, one novel, two memoirs and four collections of letters.

Purdy, who died inwas appointed to the Order of Canada in Recommended by: vtverma. His collection, Love Medicine and One Songblends the Cree language with the Canadian landscape and erotic imagery. What it's about: Muybridge's Horse is a semi-biographical book-length poem about 19th-century British-born photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge's research helped with the invention of moving pictures. Recommended by: i. What it's about: E. Pauline Johnson was a Mohawk poet and performer, famous during the 19th century. Originally published inFlint and Feather collects Johnson's poems together.

What it's about: Drawing on archival records and family photographs, Lisa Bird-Wilson writes poignant, heart-rending poetry about the generations of abuse suffered by Indigenous children in the Canadian residential school system in The Red Files. The Red FilesBird-Wilson's debut collection, is named after the federal government files on residential schools. What it's about: Di Brandt is the first ever poet laureate of Winnipeg.

Her poetry collection questions I asked my mother explores Brandt's Mennonite heritage and was shortlisted for the Governor General's Literary Ontario commons for poetry. Winnipeg's first poet laureate wants Ontario commons remind people poetry is for everyone. What it's about: Country Club is Andy McGuire's debut poetry collection, and it explores the nature of wealth, leisure and power, and how the three interconnect and influence each other and the world at large.

What it's about: Betsy Warland is a feminist writer who Adult girls by Atwood poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction.

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Bloodroother collection, is about Warland's experience watching her mother age and eventually die while she reflects on their relationship. What it's about: John Lent is the author of 10 books, including the poetry collection Cantilevered Songs. Lent is known for his energetic writing and innovative use of structure in his poetry.

What it's about: Nicole Lyons is a B. The collection explores the relationship between love, creativity and Adult girls by Atwood health and questions what it means to have your heart broken.

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Recommended by: melissa. What it's about: Gwedolyn MacEwen was one of Canada's most influential writers.

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