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Just like any other online market, the pay per click industry is full of affiliate programs, some of which can be incredibly lucrative. With countless pay per click services out there, businesses are always looking for help from experienced marketers and influencers to promote their offerings. Perfect for promoting on blogs and websites, these PPC affiliate programs pay generously with some even offering recurring commissions for life. Here are the highest paying pay per click affiliate programs to promote on your website and blog in What would this list be without our own affiliate Affiliate sites that pay per click New forour affiliate program is super competitive with other programs in the industry and offers affiliates a great way to tap into a new market.

With click fraud on the rise and becoming an ever-growing problem, more and more Google users are starting to fight back. Payments can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer depending on the location of the affiliate, with payouts starting after the first month. For many small business owners, PPC management can be a huge time killer and eat up their daily schedule. Luckily, Adzooma solves this problem by optimizing and automating all of the boring stuff!

A popular tool for many business owners, Adzooma now offers an affiliate program with some great features. And with no minimum payment threshold, even small affiliates can take advantage of this program. In addition to the regular payments and low payment threshold, Adzooma also offers exclusive affiliate deals and offers for high volume senders and influencers.

Competitor research and analysis is always an important part of PPC marketing and can often save managers hours of keyword research. SpyFu also says that they have a 2. Getting the most out of paid traffic that lands on your website should be the priority for any business owner or PPC manager. This is where Unbounce comes in, a featured-packed landing builder that is deed to boost sales and conversions. To help you get the most out of their affiliate program, Unbounce also offers a dedicated partner coach who will help answer any questions regarding the program.

In addition to this, Unbounce also has a huge array of promotional materials that can increase conversion rates. With the ability to do keyword and competitor research, the uses for SEMRush are basically endless. Their affiliate program also offers a huge range of benefits including the longest cookie life of any affiliate program probably ever at 10 years! Commissions are also paid twice a month via PayPal or bank transfer after the reaching monthly minimum threshold. They also provide promotional material in 5 different languages, including Spanish, French and German, which is great for affiliate marketers in those countries.

Thankfully, Optmyzer has listened to those cries of pain and have created an excellent platform that automatically does all of that with a click of a Affiliate sites that pay per click on thousands of campaigns. Unlike the other affiliate programs on this list, Optmyzer only allows people who are existing customers of their software to promote it.

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This ensures their affiliates know what they are talking about when they promote their service to others. With this in mind, this affiliate program is most suited to expert affiliates with lots of experience in promoting SaaS software. Another landing tool, Leads help PPC marketers connect with their audience, collect le, and close sales by building beautiful landing s.

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A simple drag and drop editor means that everyone from small business owners to large enterprises will be able to use this tool. The affiliate program also offers a day cookie and exclusive deals and packages for top marketers. Leads are also willing to team up with you on a variety of marketing efforts if you can get the s of course! As the name suggests, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research program that specifically specialises in finding those long tail keywords.

Perfect for both PPC and SEO marketers, this tool is an excellent alternative to the many other keyword research tools out there. With keyword research tools always in high demand from digital marketers, this software is sure to be easy to promote. Opening up 20 tabs every morning to check your PPC reports and stats is never a fun task. If only there was a way Affiliate sites that pay per click keep everything more organized…. Supermetrics is an all in one reporting tool for marketing metrics, and as you can guess, helps organize everything nicely into a metrics dashboard.

Also suitable for SEO and social media marketers, there is a lot of overlap for this tool, meaning you can promote it to almost anyone! With a day cookie and early updates on new product launches, you can always stay one step ahead of the game with your marketing efforts. All payments are made monthly via PayPal, and all affiliates also have access to a whole range of promotional materials from their dashboard.

To make money from Affiliate sites that pay per click affiliate program, you first need an audience to promote affiliate products and services. This can be anything from a mailing list to a website, social media following, or even just running paid. If you currently own a website or business that receives a good amount of traffic related to paid search, then you could make some money from the programs listed above. Do you know how much of your budget is being spent on invalid clicks?

How many invalid clicks do you get on your ?

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Affiliate sites that pay per click

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