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It is, of course, going to be a long one but it is also bittersweet for me. It was a beautiful, sunny, and predicted to be HOT day on June 30th! That morning Jenna and I met up at the reception hall at River City Ale Works in Wheeling, WV to catch some of the reception decor prior to heading off to find the gals. HmmmMmmmm…I need to think on it! You see for yourself!

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Jenna immediately immersed herself in the details of this wedding and the architecture of the building. As a result, I found myself with my hands over my head holding a reflector and playing the role of assistant! The light was so spotty in this place so I filled it with reflector light! It was quite comical! Huge shoutout to Tom for letting us up on the elevator to get these! I loved it so much! Not only did Kari miss out on all the people we knew at this wedding…she also missed out on this beautifulness!

It was just so well done!

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How exactly would you describe your theme?! We only really spent a short minutes taking those shots and then we headed to the Oglebay cabins where the bridal party was getting ready…in separate quarters, of course. I also got to meet a fellow photographer, Ben McMillen, who was actually playing the role of videographer this day. We had some jokes about it right off the bat. We promised to play nice …I promised not to be bossy…HA!

My goodness. As a result, I quickly snapped two too many shoe shots! I seriously just love it all! It got me extra excited, as you can imagine.

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Jenna was feeling it too! I kid you not!!

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I still needed to finish detail shots and snap some more photos of the ladies getting ready. So, I sent Jenna over! Most of you know it too! Yes…Kari has done many guy getting ready photos by herself but she was always in the same building so I knew if there was an issue or equipment malfunction…I was close. Not this time. Ben went with her too! These are all her images! Creeper status…for real… and I love these so much!! I usually fake these shots but she got the real deal!

I also love that when you look at all these photos in order in their gallery…they go back and forth. You can see from the timeline what was happening and at the same times…different cabins…different photographers. I was taking these photos of these pretty ladies while Jenna was taking the above photos…at almost the exact same time!

Real moments…Tom, his dad, and his now father-in-law! Then, I waltzed right in and finally got to take some photos of Tom! I LOVE his cuff links!! Can we also talk about this black tux?! There is nothing that gets me more excited than a good, old, traditional, black tux! Black jacket and pants…black vest…AND black bowtie! So, after just a few more photos of Tom, we all headed to the church.

She saw me flying around to catch a photo of her so she struck the best pose to announce her arrival! More on that later! Jenna was all over the architecture in St. Alphonsus church in Wheeling, WV. Any freaky Wheeling girls on here took the bottom photo of the decor per my usual! She embraced the arcitecture…per her usual!

She, of course, ran outside to get some fun photos…of the architecture! We did all kinds of first looks this day. Here we did a first look of the bride. I told the bridesmaids to be overly dramatic with their reactions. They nailed it! Then, it was time to get her ready for real! Loving these black and whites! Her facial expressions are cracking me up. She was surprised to find a wrapped gift in a bag…but I do that too so I had to giggle!

Always do both when questioning it! High five, Tom! Before the guests started to arrive, we did a quick first look with her dad. The love between father and daughter was evident and I gave them a whole set of these!

Lots of pictures! Jenna is more assertive where Kari is more laid back. Usually, with Kari…I do all the directing and she does the suggesting and finishing touches. Jenna is a lot more like me in the personality department and has no issues voicing concern and directing. I had almost left the sancuary when she stopped Jane to take these photos.

I love them so much! HUGE shout out Any freaky Wheeling girls on here a woman named Trudy who works at the church and helped me find the light switches in this room. I searched and searched and searched for them earlier in the day and could NOT find them and just resolved myself to having to deal with it. I really wanted those harsh and dramatic shadows and she saved the day!! Seriously, I took so many. Also, huge shoutout to Jenna for stopping me and insisting the bouquet be in the photo too!

I LOVE that little finishing touch! Pulls it all together, right?! I move in and get my shots. I move out. She moves in and gets her shots. Done in about 20 seconds! The rest of these are a good mix of Jenna and my photos.

So, we were style Any freaky Wheeling girls on here all over the place. I love churches with those pillars. I feel very sniper style when I hide behind them! I totally stole that organist photo idea from Jenna from the wedding we did back in May! They just so happened to be getting married on June 30th. Funny how that hapepns! I snapped a photo of it! My arms were burning and I had a panic moment right before the first kiss.

In about five seconds, I had all these thoughts. Cathoclic wedding first kisses give me hives! BUT they were now man and wife! It all worked out! These two photos espeically the top one below may be two of my favorites from this whole wedding and it is so random! These are those honest moments and real smiles and so much excitement to be man and wife! I love it so much! This moment below was one I let go of control for a minute. It was turned away from me so I never would have seen it otherwise. Those two may not have been there in person but they were there in spirit!

Her and Tom are both a joy to be around! Then, it was time to party! Ron I think his name was Ron… was so cool and fun to work with! He drove this crew around! He did NOT disappoint either…in that nice black tux and all!!! Meet all of the guys! I gotta remind you of something…it was almost 90 degrees AND humid. Not once! They are a good looking group of men too!

It makes for a great experience and Any freaky Wheeling girls on here photographs! They were such great sports too. So, this was funny. It was probably Ben as videographers need movement for their coverage. We suggested they walk. Not that Tom minds…he probably did that on purpose! I strategically tried to keep everyone as cool as possible.

So, I instructed the girls to stay in the party bus while I photographed the men. Then, I brought the girls out to do the bridal party shots and then sent the guys back to the party bus to cool down. It worked like a well oiled machine! This brial party was EASY! They were gorgeous too!! We did some walking with them too. One last formal birdal party shot before the guys were excused!

Lots of love for the bride and groom too! I always love these shots when we get time to do them! This was a tie. She definitely has a ature smile and I just love that about her! More like Vogue, I guess! We had them walk too.

Any freaky Wheeling girls on here

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