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When Laura Brashier received a diagnosis of stage 4 cervical cancer at age 37, her life came screeching to a halt. She was prepared for the possibility of a hysterectomy, extensive radiation and chemotherapy — and even the reality of never being able to bear children. Eventually, you really have that desire to jump back into that mainstream. Being single often includes dating, but that is an uncomfortable and often taboo topic for people affected by cancer. Just as patients in treatment struggle with whether to add a line about their diagnosis in their profile or post an older picture to mask hair loss, survivors of cancer often find it difficult to put themselves out there.

They grapple with questions about when to reveal their survivorship or any longer-term side effects of their Cancer patient dating website treatment.

Brashier, whose lifesaving radiation left her unable to have intercourse, is no stranger to these insecurities. Her search uncovered a vast assortment of websites catering to a variety of people; however, she found nothing deed for others like her.

She was shocked. So, on a mission to solve what she calls the unspoken epidemic of cancer patients and survivors struggling with living life in quiet solitude, she started her own website. Brashier launched RomanceOnly.

After all, the point of the site is to remove the need to explain oneself when trying to navigate dating after a lifechanging diagnosis. After founding Malecare.

Thus, CancerMatch. Since launching in Februaryit has grown to serve over 1. Similar to RomanceOnly, CancerMatch trusts that its users are there for the right reasons and never verifies whether the diagnoses shared on profiles are actually legitimate.

On both sites, users determine their own level of privacy and anonymity. Over time, after they begin to form a connection with someone, they can decide to disclose more. Despite the growing user bases of websites deed for people with cancer, public awareness remains relatively low. In a discussion board on StupidCancer. Green agrees. Removing those initial anxieties makes a world of a difference, according to Brashier and Mitteldorf.

You never even have to bring it up.

Although many patients and survivors feel that a dating website deed specifically for people with cancer can help in their search for love, others worry about overidentifying with their diagnosis. Above all, Paul urges anyone considering jumping back into the dating scene during or after treatment to stay true to themselves, take it slow and prioritize making connections with others, whether romantic or not.

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Cancer patient dating website

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