Christian meaning easter eggs

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Eggs sometimes get a bad rap at Easter. Eggs are such a widely used symbolic food. Everyone from dancing druids and pagan fertility gods to — worst of all — bored kids on Halloween, have all claimed eggs as some sort of special specimen for themselves. The Christian use of eggs at Easter probably has roots in a host of different cultures and traditions.

The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. The Temple sacrifice could no longer be made, because the Temple no longer existed. In Orthodox Judaism hard boiled eggs are still offered to mourners as their first food after a funeral. Christian meaning easter eggs Christians on Easter Sunday — as Mark and all the gospels tell us — funeral rites were transformed. The women who came to the tomb early Sunday morning were focused on mourning. He was now living a resurrected life. Easter eggs, with their beautiful, brightly colored, decorated shells are MEANT to be broken, peeled, revealed.

Lewis may be the most quotatious without being loquacious Christian writer in all of history. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. Jesus broke the mold. The resurrection was Christian meaning easter eggs prison break-out. Leave that place of death. Gather the disciples.

Go to Galilee. Expect to meet the resurrected Jesus. Follow him. When given that first directive — here was the first Easter egg — the women at the tomb flinched.

Instead of proclaiming, they clammed up. Instead of throwing their eggs against the wall, they tucked them away. Instead of making an omelet, they made tracks. Easter Sunday is a break-out day.

A prison-break celebration. Here is a letter Bunyan wrote to a friend while in prison:. We are in danger of commemorating Easter with too many plastic, reusable, resealable eggs. All these plastic, split-in-two-and-refill eggs are easy and convenient. What if instead of enclosing ourselves in safe elliptical eggshells, Christians took on a new shape to offer to the world? Then, when I broke out of the box, the way a baby chick escapes an egg, is it strange that I had the shape of a cross? Have you ever noticed that chickens are roughly egg-shaped? A resurrection life, once tasted, forever transforms.

Look at petrified Peter. Look Christian meaning easter eggs sin-seeking Saul. Look at arrogant Augustine. Look at limp-kneed Luther. If you break out of death and break into life, in the shape of the cross, nothing is ever the same. Because of the resurrection, there is a whole new way of living in the world. The first time your child discovers that Parmesanio Reggiano is better than Velveeta, you are pleased. Until you hit the cash register. When you discovered that lobster tasted far better than chicken nuggets, it was great.

Developing your taste for a resurrection life, instead of a shell-encased life, is also equally costly. But Resurrection life is worth it. Resurrection life has no down side, because there is no fear of destruction or denial or death. Resurrection life means the end of death is not a dead end. Resurrection life offers us a life with the Christian meaning easter eggs Lord on this Easter Sunday. When Jesus rolled the rock, there was a rolling away of despair, rolling away of delusion, rolling away of sin and guilt and shame. All we have to do is throw a few eggs against the wall, and show up in Galilee to meet our Savior.

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Christian meaning easter eggs

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Why Eggs on Easter? A Christian Answer