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It's been a while since I posted here on the Midlife Christian Woman blog. I Christian women blogspot momentum because I'm actually older than midlife now yikes! I also was suffering with post-menopausal bleeding over the months. That led to me recently having a hysterectomy! I know some of you have had such. Some have had them in their 20s or 30s even. When the possibility was discussed with me I thought "No way.

Nevertheless, I am in week four of recovery now--so they still do them! My journey, if you care to read it, is in this new blog I just started on the topic: My Hysterectomy Journey. I decided to share about it with a few others. I can't believe in this day and age that women still keep such so very hush hush. Maybe I share too much, but it is a big deal.

It is a major operation. It is deeply personal to a woman. Motherhood was the most important thing in my life and to have my womb cut out like someone might gut a fish, felt wrong. A procedure called morcelization wasn't recommended for my situation. If my fibroid had been cancerous, the bits of cancer could have been spread about with such a procedure. The risk was too great. So Christian women blogspot complete hysterectomy was the preferred choice. And since I was open about sharing, many women came out of the woodwork sharing their experiences. Some people very close to me have gone through such.

It's a lot more common than one might think. And I appreciated the input of every single one of them. I had time between appointments so prayed for God to shrink the fibroid. I prayed, as did others that the MRI would show it was gone. But alas, it didn't shrink. God answers prayerss but not always the way we want him to.

He isn't Santa Claus or a Genie in a Bottle. We can't get our every wish. But we can trust that his answer--his choice--is the one he wants for purposes we may never know, but for our good. We don't have to know the reasons. So I did Christian women blogspot bit of pre-operation exercise and prepared my home. And I went forward with faith.

I 've been doing some work for law enforcement and now understand the term BOLO better. Have you heard it used? I have heard it on TV in shows like S. For officers, it's while they're on duty driving or walking. For me, it Christian women blogspot online while I sleuth through photos or videos. I'm looking for a face, a piece of clothing, a mannerism. With that term on my mind, a couple of paragraphs I read in some Christian books at bedtime struck a chord.

Twice in the same week--different books--the authors suggested the reader "be on Christian women blogspot lookout " for God's love, God's nudges, God's peace, God's winks. Since we are still sheltering in place for over a year now due to Covid, that's about how I live.

It's hard to make plans, take steps, take risks and so on because the world is not our playground right now. Instead, we can choose to be on the lookout BOLO for the things God sets before our eyes and whispers into our ears. We are all learning lessons about ourselves, our family members, the way we do things, what affects us.

We are seeing God in tiny things. We are given peace we don't understand. For me, the God nudges, are minute-by-minute rather than life phase by life phase. He nudges me to get up and go for a walk, to clean something, to Christian women blogspot a certain dinner, to call someone, to message another, to read a certain book, to get up and stretch, and so on. And I've resolved that all I do matters. Even the little stuff. My there includes a mixed up sleep schedule, crazy dreams, a house full of clutter with nowhere to go, lack of motivation, lack of writing sales, and a diagnosis of prediabetes due to pandemic overeating of treats.

When the pandemic struck, I figured life wouldn't be that much different. I'd worked from a home office for years. What could be so different with a stay-at-home order? But now--in my there --my daily life bears resemblance to what some joke is Ground Hog Day - a day that Christian women blogspot repeating itself.

It seems the most important task of my day is to have my coffee and decide what's for dinner. Like most, I've done all the fun things. We've watched umpteen TV shows. I returned to decluttering. I went for walks. I wrote a book and published it under a pen name. Once the book was complete, I thought God might release us from the pandemic. That was not to be so.

Things got worse. I stayed on high alert. But many say they are the enemy. I watched for myself to vet it. I didn't agree with all shared, but enough of Christian women blogspot spoke truth to my soul, God as my witness. But while they told the truth, millions of Americans were fogged into believing lies mostly spread by other networks. What an abomination! Now, I'm Canadian. I don't have a stake in the US political scene. It was just humanly apparent that many were being deceived and I could do little about it.

I wanted to scream. I was tempted to post the truth, but those misted would for sure argue. Daily updates became more upsetting each day with a president who, imo, doesn't deserve that title spinning lie after lie. Many of my good Christian friends believed every word he said. It was saddening and Christian women blogspot. There was no getting through to them. Their minds had woven some kind of weird theories that included prophecy and Christianity in the midst.

I don't believe that is right.

Christian women blogspot

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