Describe what is love

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If you've ever experienced heartbreak, you'll understand these quotes. Love is an intense, deep affection for another person. Love also means to feel this intense affection for someone. Love can also refer to a strong like for something or to like something a lot.

Love has many other senses both as a verb and a noun. It is difficult to explain what love is.

Love is one of the most intense emotions humans feel in life. It is the opposite of hateanother incredibly intense emotion. There are many kinds of deep affection you can have for another person, and they can all be described as love.

You can also have a strong emotional bond with an animal, such as your dog. That, too, is love. Love is used in this same sense to mean to feel love toward Describe what is love person. These terms generally imply romantic or sexual attraction. Love is also used to refer to a less passionate, but still strong, fondness for something. In this sense, love can also be used to mean to really like something or someone. The first records of love come from before the s. The noun comes from the Old English word lufuand the verb comes from the Old English lufian.

Both of these words are related to Describe what is love words for lovesuch as the Old Frisian luve and luvia. What are some other forms related to love? Love is a very common word that people use to refer to others that they cherish or to things they really like. Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of love? The noun love refers to a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. When should you use love in place of affection or devotion?

Find out on Thesaurus. Every now and again, we come across a love story that touches our hearts in more ways than be. Ideally you should be growing and evolving at similar rates and speeds for romantic loveI should say. To be a real home cook, the kind who put love and attention into each dish, was to make everything yourself. What happened to true love knows no boundaries and all that? You just travel light with carry-on luggage, go to cities that you loveand get to hang out with all your friends.

In this case, I suspect, there was co-operant a strongly marked childish characteristic, the love of producing an effect. The well-known "cock and bull" stories of small children are inspired by this love of strong effect. Women generally consider consequences in loveseldom in resentment. And as she hesitated between obedience to one and duty toward the other, her life, her love and future was in the balance. Nothing but an extreme love of truth could have hindered me from concealing this Describe what is love of my story.

In addition to the idioms beginning with love.

New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Chiefly Tennis. Verb Phrases. See synonyms for love on Thesaurus. See antonyms for love on Thesaurus. Quotes On Love And Heartbreak. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! Idioms about love. What is a basic definition of love?

Real-life examples : Spouses hopefully feel love toward each other. It is expected that a parent will have feelings Describe what is love love for their. Used in a sentence : The man always helped his daughter out of love for her. Real-life Describe what is love : Romeo loved Juliet. Most parents love their children. A person often loves their boyfriend or girlfriend. Used in a sentence : She loves her best friend like a sister. Real-life examples : Athletes have a love of sports. Readers have a love of books.

Artists may have a love of painting, music, or drawing. Used in a sentence : His love of Paris led him to take many trips to France. Outgoing people love being around other people. Couch potatoes love television. Used in a sentence : I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. Where does love come from? Did you know …? How is love used in real life?

Try using love!

What are other ways to say love? A girlfriend giving her boo a fake punch? A father nudging his son to visit his grandmother?

Find out why these are all called love taps. Famous Quotes On Love And Heartache If you've ever experienced the pain of heartbreak, you'll understand these quotes. Words related to love emotiontendernessappreciationtastefondnesslustyearningpassionaffectionrespectfriendshipdevotioninfatuationloverprizetreasurepreferadmirechoosecherish.

How to use love in a sentence Every now and again, we come across a love story that touches our hearts in more ways than be.

Is Putin Turning to Terrorism in Ukraine? Children's Ways James Sully. Pearls of Thought Maturin M. The Homesteader Oscar Micheaux. Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift. Christianity God's benevolent attitude towards man man's attitude of reverent devotion towards God. Also: my love a beloved person: used esp as an endearment. British informal a term of address, esp but not necessarily for a person regarded as likable.

Other words from love Related adjective: amatory. In addition to the idioms beginning with love love affair love at first sight.

Describe what is love

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What Is Love? The Definition Behind It