Majorca Spain

Mallorca is the most beautiful Mediterranean island in Spain. It’s 3.640 km2 of the surface area surrounded by gorgeous beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca’s attract millions of tourists each year also this impressive island has a lot of to offer to its visitors. In addition, Mallorca has rich history remarkable in all its great buildings such as castles, galleries, museums and cathedrals especially in the capital city Palma de Mallorca.

There are so many amazing attractions to enjoy on Mallorca during vacations


Discover the most beautiful towns and villages on Mallorca:

Mallorca’s island is one of the most famous stations in the Mediterranean to spend summer with friends or family. Here are some best towns and villages you must visit them.


 Palma de Mallorca:

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Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful and stylish island with a mixture of the best monuments to explore and charming restaurants, shops and a crowded night life. The first monument on this fabulous island is the triumph of the gothic cathedral known as la SEU which dates back to the 13th century but wasn’t finished until the 17th century.

This magnificent gothic front features figurine decoration by GUILLERMO SAGRERA and rising up to 44meters.the wonderful stained glass windows containing many rose lights up the holy place with an ethereal glow. The Second one is the BELLVER CASTLE situated on a hilltop three kilometers from the historic center of Palma de Mallorca offers a lovely view from the top. In addition, this castle functioned as the main old military prison between the 18th century and the middle of the 20th century, also inside this castle, you can find an interesting museum with artefacts from Arab, Roman and Spanish periods give you a picture of the history of Palma.

The museum includes eight rooms of the castle, six of which cover different periods of the island’s history. However, today, during summer evenings, you’ll find frequent events of kinds of music taking place in this impressive courtyard, under star-studded skies.



Banyalbufar MajorcaVia :

The municipality of Banyalbufar lies next to the hills of Sierra De Tramuntana and has three wide valleys are Planicia, Son Coll and Banyalbufar. In addition, Banyalbufar has many attractions to discover the first one is the historic town known as Ses Animes which an impressive view of the town, and it represents a triumph for the city which was built to offer protection from pirate attacks in the 17th century. The second attraction that you can visit the lovely town center containing a pretty waterfall and the splendid historic-artistic site of Claustra De Sa Barona, which has a cloister and a defense tower that dates back to the 17th century. The third one is to enjoy different coves, beaches and benefit from the festivals of the nativity of our lady in September and Estellencs which is popular with hikers and bikers.



Valldemossa majorcaVia :

The town Valldemossa is a very attractive tourist destination and has a rich cultural heritage is only around 15-20 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca into the Tramuntana Mountains. Furthermore, the major reasons to visit Valldemossa are to relax the setting and enjoy the beautiful views from your sunbed in the countryside and explore different monuments and other activities.



The Real Cartuja De Valldemossa built at the beginning of the 14th century, when the mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull lived in this area of Majorca it is very famous because it was a royal residence high up in the mountain offering the amazing views possible and fresh mountain air. The palace changed into a monastery in 1399 but today functions as a museum of modern arts and has a collection of old-fashioned glass jars and historic medicines. Also, you can discover other historical monuments like the church, cloisters, and old pharmacy.



Valldemossa is one of the most known towns for hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, which means there are a lot of signed posted trails in the hills surrounding the village. Also, you can practice different kinds of sport like horse riding; cycling and rock climbing are also famous activities in this town.



There are many magnificent festivals in the town the two most known are the festival of Sant Bartomeu and Festes De La Beata which celebrate the patron saint of Valldemossa in the Cloisters of the Monastery in August.



Deià MajorcaVia :

Deià is a wonderful small village located on the northwest flank of the Serra de Tramuntana and it has a perfect countryside with olive groves and oranges. In addition, Deià considered as one of the highest populated zones of the Serra de Tramuntana and it is one of the prettiest villages on the island and is very famous by its literary and musical residents and writers the most remarkable is the writer Robert.

Furthermore, Deià has many interesting museums the first one is the Parish Museum of San Juan Bautista looks for the grave of Robert Graves. The second is the Archaeological Museum dedicated to the painter Norman Yanikun, the last one is the Son Marroig Museum and the Robert Graves House Museum. also you can enjoy some very impressive views of the blue sea and stunning mountains, And try for pleasurable eating and drinking experiences with some enjoyable walks or hikes.



Fornalutx MajorcaVia :

The village of Fornalutx located on the northwest of Mallorca and has been receiving awards for protection since the 1980s. Its history dates back over 1,000 years when it was originally an Arab farmstead. The genuine mountain village of Fornalutx snuggled high up the Tramuntana mountain range overlooking the Sóller valley.

In addition the village considered as the loveliest village in Spain with a charming stone building, and red-tiled roofs mixed with the scent of lemon groves and oranges to show a traditional rustic charm. The center of Fornalutx has some attractions as the major square is Plaça D’Espanya boarded by café and general stores. On the same square, you will find Panaderia de Fornalutx is a local bakery giving many delicious fresh baked items. Moreover, looking at the square there is a church which has a large clock on its façade. Also there is an ancient tower used as the ajuntament located on the east side of the town. Furthermore, the closest beach to Fornalutx is 7km far away.

Besides, the town organizes each year a festival on the 8th and 9th September including some activities like arts, crafts market, music, fireworks and fun animations like a foam cannon and a bouncy castle.


Discover the most famous beaches

There are popular beaches in Mallorca to enjoy in summer with the blue fresh water, beautiful white sand beach, and stunning sun.


Santa Ponsa beach:

Santa Ponsa beach mallorca

Santa Ponsa located on the southwest of Mallorca and has a blue flag with an along urban beach with a small forest that famous beachside represents the perfect family holiday location with a lot of activities to do as golf clubs, marina , good restaurants and take a boat trip to the island of Dragonera.


Camp de Mar beach:

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Camp de mar located on the southwest of Mallorca near to Andratx it is a good destination for families and their children. Moreover, this beach has calm waters and shallow with a beautiful green color of the sea with 180 meters in length and 60 meters deep. Also there are small rocky coves to explore.

In addition, this sophisticated, clean beach contains a striking little wooden bridge which extends to the way to a small rocky island named La Illeta Here you can enjoy foods and drinks at a little cabana. Spending time here is what makes this location so attractive with pine trees, dramatic rocky rises and crystal clear waters. Furthermore, the Major Attraction in Camp de Mar are the beautiful and relaxed beach which has 180 meters wide. In this beach you will find, toilets, showers, sun beds, ramps for the disabled, pedals boat for hire and lifeguards on duty also exploring the south-west of the island by hiking and biking around the wonderful Tramuntana Mountain range.


Cala Millor beach:

Cala Millor beach mallorca

Cala Millor is the longest beach on the eastern coast, extending from Cala Bona to the wild headland of N’Amer .Cala Millor has the blue flag with 1.8 kilometers long and up to 35 meters wide. In addition, this beach has pure white sands, and clear blue waters also you can practice walking or cycling and you find showers, lifeguards, sun beds, bars and every water sport you want to practice such as, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba, kayaking, surfing and sailing.

Moreover, Cala Millor has different attractions to visit one of them is the part of the seaboard nominated as a nature reserve, the second is the rocky outcrop of Punta De N’Amer located just south of the beach and contain an ancient watch tower named castle d’Amer. Final attraction, that there are many coves to explore in Cala Millor the well-known are the coves des Hams and coves, Del Drach.


Alcúdia beach

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Playa de Alcúdia is one of the gorgeous beaches on Mallorca with its long white sands. This beach located near from port d’Alcúdia just a few kilometers to the primitive town of Alcúdia and has the blue flag beaches. Also there is a nice bridge traverse the canal halfway along the beach which connects to a natural lake. In addition, this beautiful beach has something for everyone it is famous among locals and especially attracts tourists.

This wonderful island has good equipment with toilets, showers, changing stations, special kids play area with gym equipment, and of course, people can practice their favorite water sport such as kayaks, SUP, and paddle boats. Besides, Alcúdia beach is very family and friendly destination to relax and enjoy your vacation. Also it has very blue clean water, and gorgeous white sands to build castles. The impressive island is near to the port d’ Alcúdia which organized many festivals and ceremonies throughout the summer.


Discover the best museums in Mallorca:

Mallorca island has divers interesting museums and beautiful art galleries to visit with your family or friends it’s worth making time to explore one of them.


La Almudaina Royal Palace:

La Almudaina Royal Palace

The King James II command to expand the ancient Almoravid fortress during the Muslim authority and adapt it to Gothic style to transform it into the seat of the Crown of Aragon; Moreover, the King and other members of his family use the palace as a meeting place for formal and ceremonial events.

In this palace, there are just a few parts are open to the public where you can see pieces of furniture, tapestries and impressive paintings from the fifteenth to the twentieth century and gothic and Islamic architectural features.


Andratx Museum CCA:

Andratx Museum CCA Mallorca

The cultural center Andratx is the biggest center of modern art with 4.000m2 superficies including a huge and elegant courtyard with the calming sound of its central water. The CCA founded in 2001 by Patricia Asbaek and Jacob. The major activities at this center it organizes in summer some classical events as flamenco, jazz performances and you can find some contemporary art and creations like photographs, installations, paintings by local and international artists and works for sale and sculptures.

Can planes contemporary art museum:

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Can Planes Museum of Contemporary Art dates back to the 19th-century residence in Sa Pobla and located in the north of Mallorca. This museum shows divers kinds of arts, culture and hundred works by artists living in Mallorca. In addition, Can Planes museum hold more than 4.000 objects including the first one are toys that brought to life again when a child collects them out of their darkness and forgotten corners and began to play like Ton Boig Clar who tries to find old toys at private households, flea markets, and antique dealers. His collecting passion led to one of the biggest and excellent toy collections in Europe.

The second collection involves learning material named edutainment, a neologism made up from education and entertainment ,also there are all styles and techniques of modern art as sculpture, painting and engraving usually made between 1975 and 1996 a special major period in the evolution of new modern art in the Balearic Islands.


Casa Robert Graves museum in Deià

Casa Robert Graves museum in Deià MallorcaVia : Illesbalears

Robert Graves is a Poet and author lived in Deià, Mallorca, from 1929 until his death in 1985. This great author considered himself as a élite poet besides, He published over 140 books in different kinds like nonfiction and novels on topics that interested him about poetry, mythology, translations, historical novels, biography and children’s stories. Furthermore, His house in Deià is an alluring museum and home of the Robert Graves Foundation, which is renovated and adapted for visitors to show them the cultural heritage that the author created on Mallorca and It opened to the public in the summer of 2006.