Do girls like to kiss

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Written and reviewed by. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery B. For many people sex and intimacy is not complete without a kissing session.

With the exception of a few who for some reasons best known to them hate lip-to-lip action, many women consider kissing skills a very important factor in rating a man. It must however be noted that there are some things men do when they kiss that can put women off. Here are 7 of them: You have a foamy mouth β€” one of the worst things you can do to a woman when kissing is spilling saliva all over her face!

You are not drinking palm wine from a gourd so keep the saliva inside. So instead of excessive tongue action, focus on her lips. A similar case is men who allow their tongues to dart in and out like a lizard, not nice!

Slowly caress her lower and upper lip with your own lips. Use your tongue with caution and be watchful to see if she likes it or not! Odour is a major turn-off for women, especially oral odour. Men who smoke, eat garlic and other food with string smell must make sure they always brush, regularly too.

Also, chew mints once in a while and keep your mouth dehydrated by drinking plenty of water! You bite or apply too much pressure β€” a kiss is neither Do girls like to kiss nor a fight. In fact, the softest kisses will produce stronger emotions. You have prickly beards β€” most women agree that facial hair makes men look hot but most women also find prickly stubbles irritating for their sensitive skin.

If your girlfriend is one that loves beards, then do her the favour of leaving your hair moisturized and soft, not dry and prickly. A kiss is largely touching lips, sometimes gentle, sometimes firm, but not a case of swallowing her face. The ultimate rule is to reduce the tongue action and give out as little saliva as possible. Let kissing be part of your foreplay from now on….

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Do girls like to kiss

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Listen up, men! 13 tips from women on how to give a perfect kiss