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My Project :. Send private message. I'm happy there are VN in our language, especially considering there aren't that many Indonesian in this forum. I'm going to play it soon, as soon as I have access to my PC. Contact runeraccoon. I'm going to play it out.

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It gets confusing. There's no locked content - I could access the diary on Day 80 or Gets me rather sleepy than excited to continue, haha. Maybe just my preference. But there are many positive sides. First, it's really light, the download file is only 48 mb. The GUI is very smooth and very, very interactive. There's no rigged lines as it moves around. It gets deeper too after you reach certain stats.

The language is a bit too poetic at times habut I guess it's okay. The artwork I wish every sprite could get more expressions, but they're nice. It looks very finished and polished, great to see it done! If you export the game to English, I'm sure there are many here who would enjoy the story as well. Good luck in your next project!

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I'm making the patch for this. This is for windows platform. So, u can patch My Game, it will fix well know bugs. U can download this patch at first post.

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Small Typo, Bingo! U noticed it. The Diary, The Diary at Gallery one? The Music, Aha, Its coz I'm a bit Melow and Poetic. And i love Piano Instruments. But its nice if put some variety later.

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The language, Aha. Thanks Anyway!! XD Naw, maybe I was just feeling a little cheated that I've progressed so much in the bar that's shown on the "Choosing" menu, whereas I'm getting nowhere in the bar before. I didn't get out to the main menu, just accessing it from the side bar I guess Contact Moon Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users.

Download visual novel dating sims masa sma

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