Drano test accuracy

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Things have certainly changed since I first became a mom 10 years ago. Crazy times, I tell ya! So how in the world did moms pass the time before they knew whether they were welcoming a boy or girl to their family? In this article: The Drano gender test The Chinese gender predictor test The baking soda gender test The red cabbage gender test The ring gender test The Mayan gender predictor test The baby hairline gender test The baby bump gender test The key gender test The cravings gender test The partner weight gain gender test The linea nigra gender test The mood gender test The hair growth gender test.

Perhaps the most popular non-medical gender prediction test is the Chinese gender predictor chart. Wondering what your future holds? Use our handy Chinese gender predictor calculator to plug in your information and see what it returns. To try out this super-popular gender test at home, mix equal parts first morning urine and baking soda and watch how it reacts.

Similar to the baking soda gender prediction test is the red cabbage gender test. To perform this baby gender test at home, chop some fresh red cabbage and place it in a pot of water. Bring the water to a rolling boil, then let it cool and pour some of the cabbage water into a cup. Take a sample of your first morning urine and mix equal parts with the cabbage water. Swirl it around and see what color it turns.

Pink or red supposedly indicates a boy, while purple means a girl. To Drano test accuracy it, tie a string to your wedding ring, then lie down on your Drano test accuracy and have your partner hold the ring by the string Drano test accuracy your belly. The necklace gender test is nearly identical to the ring test, only you perform this one on your wrist. No one seems to know. To take this test, use a necklace instead of a ring on a string.

Place your arm Drano test accuracy a table or another flat surface with your wrist facing up. Then, dangle the necklace over your wrist and bob it up and down a few times. Let it hover over your wrist and see what type of motion it makes once you stop bobbing it. If it moves in a circle, baby may be a girl. If it goes back and forth, you may be expecting a boy. To perform Drano test accuracy Mayan gender predictor test, all you need is a couple of s; specifically, the year baby was conceived and your age at conception. For me, this test worked for exactly 50 percent of the time, correctly predicting two out of my four pregnancies.

Is the shape of your bump more like a watermelon or basketball? If your belly protrudes and seems to come to a point, like a watermelon, you may be carrying a boy. Have mercy.

You could be expecting a Drano test accuracy Or do you look like death warmed over every day? To be honest, I did feel more attractive than usual when I was pregnant with my son, and less so with my three daughters. However, during all of my pregnancies, the small spot of acne that I almost always deal with disappeared for those nine months, only to return shortly after baby was born.

According to this one, if a mom-to-be picks up a key by the long, skinny end, she may be pregnant with a girl. If she picks it up by the broad, round end, she may be carrying a boy. I craved fruit punch with my boy and French onion soup with one of my girls. But can these absurdly vivid dreams also indicate the sex of your future baby?

This was true Drano test accuracy me, when I repeatedly dreamt of a girl while I was pregnant with my son. However, there are probably lots of other factors at work here too, as is always the case with dreams. Is your hubby putting on a few sympathy pounds? He might be a daddy to a little lady in the near future! Once you get to about the halfway point of pregnancy, you may notice a line of darker pigment that travels up the middle of your bump.

But some believe it can indicate the sex of your growing baby! To use your linea nigra as a gender prediction test at home, study it in the mirror. If it stops at your belly button, it means you may be having a girl. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy! Getting Pregnant. Popular links under Pregnancy First Trimester.

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The Acne Gender Test. The Key Gender Test. The Cravings Gender Test. The Dreams Gender Test. The Linea Nigra Gender Test. The Mood Gender Test.

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Drano test accuracy

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