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The Els Enfarinats is an annual festival in a town called IBI near to Alicante, is a tradition back more than 200 years. Moreover, the Els Enfarinats imitate military in their dresses with colored drawing faces and armed with eggs, flour, and firecrackers battle against the other group.

The festival is celebrated on December 28, the day of the innocents. In addition, the night before the battle men, dresses in blankets called The Enmantats march over the streets of IBI village acting parodies of local celebrations and telling people about laws which will be present the next day.

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Furthermore, the day of 28th December the Els Enfarinats forced some foolish laws on the citizens and everybody has to agree with them to avoid being punished or going to jail. Also, the battle will take place in the church square because there are people don’t agree with their pointless laws and want to keep the order. Thus, the battle starts by attacking each other with flour and eggs and let off firecrackers and fire extinguishers filled with flour.

At 5 pm both sides join together for another event called the ‘Dançá’, which can only be danced with the ‘Els Enfarinats’ Mayor´s permission.

The Els Enfarinats festival IBI Source : Flicker

The Spanish are known for their bizarre food-throwing traditions. Every year they throw tomatoes at each other during the Tomatina Festival which takes place in the town of Bunol in August every year.


Els Enfarinats Festival

Source : Flicker

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