Free teacup puppies near me

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You may have heard of them — dogs for sale weighing less than four pounds fully grown. Elizabeth equates the level of disappointment for folks who buy teacup puppies with that of a similarly misnamed fad, teacup pigs. The majority of teacup puppy purchases are from breeders selling online, where stock images show darling puppies posed in a teacup. People imagine themselves toting around a Lilliputian pet in a tiny purse. Read about Best Friends' position on dog breeding.

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Another problem is that puppies for sale with a teacup prefix are often unhealthy. Either practice does a disservice to people and pets. Puppies separated too early from their mothers, as well as the offspring of two runts, are often plagued with a lifetime of health problems, including fragile bones and fragile health, says Elizabeth.

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The fact is, people who buy a teacup puppy are often disappointed. Nobody needs to shell out a lot of money for a teacup puppy when so many toy-sized dogs are dying in animal shelters. Dog lovers who want a small dog can look on Petfinder. Through Best Friends' puppy mill initiatives, we are educating consumers about puppy mills, helping to create and lobby for humane legislation, and working with pet stores to offer shelter pets for adoption instead of selling mill-bred pets. Together, we're making an impact and saving lives.

us and help bring about a time when every dog can feel safe, happy and loved. Learn more about the puppy mill initiatives.

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Be a part of the good news by giving a gift to Best Friends. By Denise LeBeau August 12, The tragic truth about mini puppies Another problem is that puppies for sale with a teacup prefix are often unhealthy. Photos by Sarah Ause-Kichas. No-Kill What does no-kill mean?

Free teacup puppies near me

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