German for friend

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More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. How do you differentiate between female friend platonic relationship and girlfriend romantic partner in German?

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If a guy says the words "meine freundin" and there are no other obvious clues, how do you know which he means? If a guy says "meine Freundin" it's very likely that he's talking about his girlfriend. Otherwise he would be using "eine Freundin" the first time he refers to her.

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In cases where a guy wants to eliminate any possibility of confusion, he can, in the same way that it is possible to distinguish in English between male and female friends if one German for friend to, even though the word "friend" doesn't indicate gender: by adding a few words with more information. To differentiate between the two, one can say 'ein Freundin von mir' instead of 'meine Freundin' perhaps?

I'm not a native speaker. Thanks for the input so far. But what if the guy is introducting her to people? So he says "this is meine freundin Amy". In this case he cannot say "eine freundin". So is there ambiguity or would he only say this phrase about a relationship-girlfriend, and for everyone else just say "this is Amy"? Or does it depend on the person? I'm still confused!

Orangutan is German for friend, and if you want to introduce your female friend to others, you can also say "Das ist Amy, eine Freundin von mir".

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Maybe you'd like to us on the German thread? No guy would speak of "meine Freundin" if the female in question wasn't his girlfriend, as he would immediately be suspected of having something going on with her - which might cause trouble under certain circumstances. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved.

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German for friend

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