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The white waiter refused and suggested they order a take-out meal from the "stand-up" counter. But the students did not budge. The store manager then approached the men, asking them to leave. But they did not move. They also did not give up their seats when a police officer arrived and menacingly slapped his nightstick against his hand directly behind them.

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While lunch counter sit-ins had taken place before, the four young men from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University drew national attention to the cause. Eventually the manager closed the store early and the men left—with the rest of the customers. It was a small victory—and one that would build. Not only were lunch counters across the country integrated one by one, a student movement was galvanized.

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The students had received guidance from mentor activists and collaborated with students from Greensboro's all-women's Bennett College. They also took inspiration from civil rights causes of years earlier, including the lynching of Emmett Till and the Montgomery bus boycott. Upon his return to North Carolina, the Greensboro Trailways Bus Terminal Cafe denied him service at its lunch counter, making him determined to fight segregation.

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McNeil worked in the university library with a fellow activist, Eula Hudgenswho encouraged him to protest. Hudgens had participated in the Journey of Reconciliation against racial segregation on interstate buses.

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This was a forerunner to the Freedom Rides, just as the sit-in at the Jack Spratt Coffee House in Chicago was a forerunner to the Greensboro sit-in of Sit-in demonstrations by Black college students grew at the Woolworth's in Greensboro and other local stores, February 6, The Belles resolved to serve as look-outs when the four men took their seats at the lunch counter on the first day. Another critical part of the protest was looping in the media. Rosa Parks. As the week unfolded, dozens of young people, including students from the Woman's College of the University of North Carolinaflocked to lunch counters and asked to be served.

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The sit-ins not only attracted new protesters, they also drew counter-protesters who showed up to harass, insult and assault them. After nearly a week of protests, approximately 1, students showed up to the Greensboro Woolworth to demonstrate.

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Police arrested 41 students for trespassing at a Raleigh Woolworth. About a dozen Bennett Belles were also arrested at area sit-ins.

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As demonstrations spread to 13 states, the focus of the sit-ins expanded, with students not only protesting segregated lunch counters but also segregated hotels, beaches and libraries. The four men who were denied service at a Woolworth store in Greensboro, North Carolina, pose in front of the store on February 1, It took months, but on July 25,the Greensboro Woolworth lunch counter was finally integrated.

Counters in other cities did the same in subsequent months. In addition to desegregating dining establishments, the sit-ins led to the creation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Raleigh. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Greensboro female seeking black man

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