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Browse our Costa Rica blogs to discover other things about Costa Rica not included in other. Our company is inclusive. We are hard workers that goes without saying but every now and again we like to treat ourselves to dips in local hot springs. Simply put, you sit in pools filled with thermal water. The Los Laureles Hot Springs has a soccer field, Hot costa rica court, and beach volleyball court, the Los Lagos Hot Springs runs an on-site canopy zip-lining tour, and the Springs Resort Hot Springs has an on-site adventure center called the Club Rio Outdoor Center where you can participate in on-site adventure tours like horseback riding and river tubing.

Beyond the use of these additional and optional hot spring activities, the Costa Rica hot springs experience encompasses little else beyond enjoying a relaxing soak. If you plan to visit the Los Laureles Hot Springsyou may bring your own padlock for use at the hot springs attraction. The EcoTermales Hot Springs does not charge its guests a fee or a refundable deposit for use of an on-site locker. Alternatively, you can bring your Hot costa rica towel to any hot springs property. The EcoTermales Hot Springs does not charge its guests a fee or a refundable deposit for on-site towel use.

The Los Laureles Hot Springs does not offer an on-site towel service; you must bring your own towel if you plan to visit this hot springs attraction. Each hot springs property sets its own operating times. Although operating times are subject to change, the following are the most current hours of operation we have on record for the top 12 hot springs properties in Hot costa rica Arenal area. Generally, no.

Exceptions include economy-quality hot springs that cater to locals who use the hot springs as a gathering place for Hot costa rica reunions, group get-togethers, and staff outings, including the Los Laureles Hot Springsthe Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springsand the Termo Arenal Hot Springs. Though the Titoku Hot Springs does not have a restaurant on-site it only has a bar on-siteits off-site sister property, the resort-quality hotel Arenal Kiorowelcomes hot springs visitors to dine at an on-site restaurant called the Heliconias Restaurant.

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This depends on the hot springs property you choose to visit and the details of the hot springs pass you purchase. Some tour operators, travel agencies, and hotels automatically include a meal with the hot springs packages they sell and others do not in order to make their packages appear less expensive. At the Tabacon Hot Springsa meal is automatically included with each of their hot springs pass options. We created the below map to show where each La Fortuna hot springs attraction is located.

Included on the map are the following sites:. This answer depends on which hot springs property you choose to visit and where you plan to depart from. All hot springs properties in the Arenal area are accessible by car and have parking available on-site, with the exception of the Rio Chollin Hot Springs limited street parking is your only option.

If you do not plan to wear your bathing suit to the hot springs property you choose to visit, bring it with you while you wear clean and dry clothes to the site. If you plan to visit a hot springs property during the day, bring a hat and sunscreen for protection while you lounge in the sun.

Beyond any other necessities that you may need to bring with you, such as prescription medication, your hotel room key, your wallet, etc. Hot springs lockers are typically small, and having to drag a bulky bag Hot costa rica with you from pool to pool is a pain.

Many locals opt to visit this site for their own personal hot springs use. Some foreign travelers, typically backpackers and other individuals on a tight budget, choose to visit the river as well. Though access is free, this hot springs site is unsupervised and not particularly safe. There are no change rooms, lockers, or places to store personal belongings.

The river hides under a bridge off Hot costa rica main road that runs between La Fortuna and Lake Arenal Road There is no lighting in the area after dark. Nighttime visits are not recommended and can be dangerous. The majority of Costa Rica hot springs are natural in the sense that their water comes from and is initially heated by the volcano. In contrast, the Tabacon Hot Springs provides several man-made pools as other hot spring properties do, however, Tabacon also has a free-flowing hot spring river that runs throughout its property.

Some people call the river natural because it flows freely above ground, but each of the other hot springs attractions in the La Fortuna area are also natural with respect to their mineral advantages and geothermal existence. In our opinion, it is neither better nor worse, it is simply different. Regardless of the mechanisms used to fill a pool i. To each their own, we suppose, but regardless Hot costa rica where the hot springs experience is had, it is always relaxing and rewarding.

Not really, unless you opt to visit the Tabacon Hot Springs or the Rio Chollin Hot Springs whose thermal-water rivers can have strong, fast-moving currents. Being able to swim will likely help you feel more comfortable in and around water, however, and that level of comfort may heighten your overall hot springs experience regardless of which property you choose to visit.

These Hot costa rica should avoid hot springs features that require going underwater, such as rides down waterslides.

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You do not need to have perfect health, but most Costa Rica hot springs properties warn against soaking in hot springs pools when the following conditions and possibly others are present. Conditions involving high fevers Extreme hypertension Malignant tumors and cancerous conditions Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders Conditions presenting the risk of hemorrhaging Anemic conditions Pregnancy Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol Recent surgeries or procedures that could be affected by sudden slips or falls.

Hot costa rica you suffer from any of the above conditions or other conditions you Hot costa rica may put you at riskit is up to you to act responsibly and avoid visiting the hot springs for your own health. Health checks are not conducted by Costa Rica hot springs property staff, and proof of medical clearance is not required when you reserve a hot springs pass or enter a hot springs property.

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Hot costa rica, prioritize your health. Probably not. Though wildlife spotting is unpredictable and can occur at any location at any time, we rarely encounter wildlife during hot springs visits. Sometimes monkeys can be heard in the distance; a gecko, lizard, or an iguana might make an appearance; and often birds and butterflies fly by; but beyond these haphazard sightings, Costa Rica hot springs visits are not wildlife-spotting activities. Costa Rica is part rainforest and rain is inevitable. For this reason, the majority of tours Hot costa rica activities—hot springs visits included—run rain or shine.

Since visits to hot springs require you to get wet anyway, rain hardly hinders the experience. In the event of extreme weather, such as ificant wind or lightning that would make entering the hot springs pools dangerous, most Costa Rica hot springs properties will allow the reservation to be changed to another day if availability and scheduling permits.

If you plan to visit a hot springs attraction while in Costa Rica, we recommend knowing the following information first. Smaller properties have capacity limits. These limits can limit availability, especially during the high season. On the other hand, during less popular periods, smaller hot springs properties can feel like they provide more intimate settings. A few hot springs properties also offer a Hot costa rica carte menu options, but in some cases, meals ordered off the menu are charged separately and do not qualify for the meal automatically included with a hot springs pass.

Some hot springs properties decide to offer a la carte menu options on a day-to-day basis according to the of visitors. You may also want to plan your hot spring visits around the hours that the meal is served at the hot springs property, to avoid changing out of your bathing suit into dry clothes to eat, then changing back into your bathing suit to continue enjoying the pools. Leave it for us below!

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