How to find out if someone really loves you

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What does true love mean to you? Loving and caring for each other? Transparency regarding your emotions? Or simply being grateful for every second spent with your partner? Love is an emotion innate to the human spirit. Despite there being over 7. According to a report by the US censusapproximately million people in America are unmarried or single.

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You clicked on this story for a reason. When I go to sleep at night, I am thinking of you. And all those hours in between, I think of us. One of the fascinating aspects of living in the modern world is undoubtedly the ability to speak with anyone on the planet. How incredible is that? Maybe you enjoy texting them about your plans for the future until the early hours of the morning. Or they give you a warm, fuzzy feeling which makes you astonishingly happy.

You are in love. For example, some people will want a long-term monogamous partnership with the eventual goal of marriage. In contrast, others may aspire to have polyamorous relationships with no specific long-term commitments. As a direct consequence, the relationships went up in flames immediately after disagreements concerning our desires for the future. After all, everyone conveys their emotions differently.

Create an environment which is transparent, honest, and genuine for you both to share your thoughts. Some questions to consider may include:. Take the time to truly explore what a healthy relationship means to each other and the best way for you both to progress forward. Here we go.

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However, if they can voluntarily be a shoulder to cry on or someone you feel confident talking to during tough times, they likely care about you and the relationship which you both have. However, a crucial element of your connection should be the respect you have for each other. This one is pretty well known. If they are making consistent eye contact throughout the conversation, it tends to suggest that they enjoy spending time with you, and remain emotionally invested in the discussion. In contrast, those who may be on their phones while talking, or continuously looking away may have their mind pre-occupied with something else.

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However, when you are spending time alone with each other, their body language can tell a lot about their emotions towards you. Quoting an article written by Jeremy Nicholson Ph. The majority of couples around the world tend to enjoy speaking fondly of memories such as a vacation or day trip. If they love talking about past times, it tends to psychologically imply that you are regularly on their mind, and play a crucial role in their level of happiness.

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Actionable tips for understanding their emotions.

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How to find out if someone really loves you

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How Do You Know Someone Loves You? These 24 s Tell You When They Do