How to find people who smoke weed

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Because no two stoners are alike, and some of you find it hard to spend more than fifteen minutes away from your phone, this list is split into indoor and outdoor options. Yes, there are plenty of ways to meet other stoners without leaving the comfort of your phone. Here you go. Anyone who plays video games knows that each game has its own community, language, etiquette, forums and chat rooms.

According to stoner lore, a few canna-couples have met this way. There are some great s there, and linking to one le to a treasure trove of others. The How to find people who smoke weed thing to do is build your ownand be open about your cannabis use; show how and when and why you use it. You could be a nature-lover who happens to ride dirt bikes at the weekend, whatever, show it, and make sure to include a photo of your favorite strain, or concentrates, or consumption device. Twitter is also a good place to meet other stoners, though in the world of characters the mix of weed-lovers tends to tilt towards the more serious-minded kind.

Activists, journalists, lawyers, and scientists, use Twitter to discuss news stories related to public policy, medical research or corporate activity surrounding cannabis. Find the s that fit your flavor, share ideas and interact. There are also a few platforms out there specifically for the cannabis industry, but better to spread the net wide as possible by being where most people are, which is on LinkedIn.

Read through the profiles, and find like-minded freaks for brainstorming sessions that could spark up new ideas and friendships, and more.

Be open-minded, and patient. In the meantime, if your local grow shop is anything like mine, a lot can be done to make it more appealing to new customers. So, according to me, most cannabis industry events are stuffed with men discussing the latest ganja gadgets and extraction equipment while challenging each other to bong hits, and passing loaded blunts.

In the next few years, as a regulated market edges closer, and more women come out of the cannabis closet, this is going to change. The best way to meet other stoners doing interesting things in the industry is to check out local trade events. For more intimate events, check out local summer or winter solstice festivals or probably any pagan festivity that involves gathering round a fire.

Everyone else has to make do with visiting one of these pot paradises for a short spell in the hope of making good cannabis connections.

Luckily, both Amsterdam and Barcelona are famously friendly cities and easing into the scene is rarely a problem. Remember that Spanish cannabis social clubs are tight-knit communities, so respect the club rules, and it can open the door to a brave new world of blaze buddies.

And what better way to spend an afternoon than exploring a sun-shaded forest, stopping to sit by a brook, spark up and inhale nature. You never know who might be downwind of your smoke cloud. As you know, folks, Nature takes her sweet old time. Culture .

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How to find people who smoke weed

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