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Our New Jersey Male Strippers are available for any sorority parties coming up and we have done many in the past.

The main concern we have is that everyone is one time for when the dancer is to arrive. Also everyone needs to be 18 yrs of age and older. If anyone appears to be underage, the dancer has the right to request to see ID from any of the attendees of the party. Anyone who can not provide the dancer with a valid government issued ID will be asked to leave the party before Male strippers nj starts.

Also, typically sorority parties are a very large of girls which could be 40 or up to or more girls. Be sure you have the party set up inside in a very large area for all of the guests to congregate and the dancer to perform. Please be aware of the dancer witnesses any Male strippers nj drugs Male strippers nj consumed during his performance, he has the right to end the show and take all monies and leave. It is wise not to do that activity in the presence of the dancer since they do not wanna be involved or roped into being around illegal activity taking place.

When your Newark Male Strippers arrive, they will need accessible parking to your party location. This does need mean when the dancer shows up you say, oh go find street parking good luck!! No, he needs a spot either right in front on the street or in the driveway area.

You should have it pre arranged of someone who will move their car when the dancer arrives so he can slide in quick and be closely parked for the show.

Once he is finished and leaving, that person can then go fetch their car and park it back where it was originally. We mention this on the website since this is a common issue we have and it delays the parties to start on time.

We make it very simple to hire Newark Female Strippers either over the phone or online. We do ask that you fill out our Price Quote form on our pricingwith the date, time and location of the party.

One of Male strippers nj phone representatives will call you back within 24 hours with a price and answer all questions you may have. At that time you can confirm and book the show, or you can discuss with other party guests and get back to us.

If we have given you a price over the phone, you can just go to our pricing and fill out the Book Online form and put in the pricing break down the phone representative gave you. The only time you fill out the Book Online form is when we have given you a price.

Once we received your completed form, we will call you back ASAP and go over all of the information submitted online. Always hiring experienced female strippers and male strippers.

Male strippers nj

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