Match login problems

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I just reopened my with Match. I am unable to into my. It says that there is a problem with my and to contact [protected] support. How do I into my ? I quit my paid membership after two years of being matched with women who appeared to be friends with my Grandmother, house frock and all! There is an unpaid portion of the site that I cannot access? In that case delete me from your system. Edward Carpenter. I just paid for a month yesterday and I can not log in to my. Please tell me what to do. Thank you. Just ed Match 2 weeks ago and paid for 6 months. Got messages from 20 woman.

I was messaging several of the women and today it says there is a problem with my. I'm the nicest, most polite guy you will ever meet! What is going on with them? Do woman report men who do not reply to their messages? I got so many likes that I couldn't possible spend all my time responding to all of them. Now several of the woman I will never be able to contact again easily without becoming a freaking detective.

My subscription does not end till the end of Februarybut been unable to log in. Site said Match login problems been locked out. How can I be locked out, and still have paid for two remaining weeks. Bty, The you talk about scammers! Also, she says in her profile, she lives Match login problems Lakeland. So Men, Don't trust her profile! As, for this Site again, I can not log in, to report that woman. Lucky for me, I have a friend who is trying to report her as scammer. When I try to it comes up site is down or repairing. Same story here Went back in a few hours later and could not saying technical issue with.

ing support after 2 times and 2 days, they stated it was inadvertently Match login problems by mistake and reactivated it. I logged in and my G rated face pic was gone. Added it back and answered a few profile questions.

Boom next day locked out again.

support and this time they state has been closed due to violation of terms. I never even messaged anyone. This is crazy.

I just ed up and can't my anymore. I was a member a few years ago and met someone so I thought it was a good site. Anyway the relationship ended and my profile was still open so I paid for 6 months and got access. Then two days later they blocked my ! I try to log in and it says There is a problem with your. I try that but can't get through so I ed them and haven't heard a word back. I was polite in my s to women and was not rude. I made a good profile and they just blocked me with no answer or any recourse to access my again.

What a scam! I just had the same thing happen, I hadn't been active in a few months, I was only using the free options at the time. The only reason I even logged on Match login problems to completely delete theI saw I had a "free" message from someone, the message was over a month old, but it seemed legit. I responded, completely cordial, no attempts at offering any contact info outside of the Match messaging, no nudes pictures, just a short little reply.

Next time I tried toI had been blocked, message said to contact [ protected] I ed, answered the questions they asked, then their next Match login problems a totally [censored]ty reply saying that due to their Terms of Use, my was being terminated. How did I violate their Terms of Use? The message goes on to say that because of their Privacy Policy, they can't discuss the terms of the termination, even with the person who owns the. How does that make any sense? I don't even want the stupidand thankfully I hadn't paid any money recently, Match login problems I'm a little offended at being accused of something without being able to defend myself.

Here we go! Access to your has been blocked by Match. Please check your inbox for a notification from us for more information. If you did not receive a notice, please contact [ protected]. It says that there is a problem with my and to contact [ protected] How do I into my ? I ed up a couple of months ago or so and paid, the next day I realized that the time was not right for me so I cancelled, Now I would like to sigh up again and it said that I was blocked, What's up with that.

Match owns 10 - 15 other sites and they gave my profile info to other sites without my permission. I cancelled my subscription to their other site chemistry. Then I cancelled "repeat billing" on my match They triple charged me 3 times in 1 day. I'm blocked for no reason.

How do i Match login problems back in the game? Paid for 6 months barely used 2. What gives? My was blocked for unknown reasons can you kindly check on it an activate it back at [ protected] and get it activated, would be so glad to hear from you. God bless. Thomas Kuba They say if they don't match you in 6 months, they'll give you 6 months free.

They blocked me after 3 months for no reason and won't get back to me as Match login problems why. I am really frustrated has typed so so so so many times with no response [ protected]. Blocked after 1 day on Match. Com is a Big Scam used by Pumps and Hookers!!!

Im having problem logging in to my so then i reset the password thru the reset then I was able access and paid for 3months membership access then now again I cannot access my and not receiving any notification for password reset in my .

Could my be hacked? I thought this site is secured. Pls enlighten. Since I got my I have not been able to use it. If I go to message someone it acts like I have not paid and will not let me message anyone. I wanted to try it out for a month. But my month is almost gone.

I just ed match immediately I tried logging in they said my has been blocked. I ed up a couple of months ago or so and paid. The next day I realized that the time Match login problems not right for me so I cancelled. Now I would like to sigh up again and it said that I was blocked????

What's up with that?? Carolmhouse [protected] good time. Carolmhouse My got blocked No reason I have done nothing wrong I am a gentleman [protected] Please reply. I cancelled my chemestry and blocked repeat billing on match If you lived in San Luis Obispo, I would definitely go out with you Cfry11 I saw her first dude!! I had ed up for match. So I wanted to get back into my to cancel subscription and they blocked my. I wonder if they will charge me that amount again even though they blocked my.

My was refunded today. I did not Match login problems this. Now I cannot communicate with people that are trying to match with me. And I cannot get anyone at match. Very frustrating! The people Match login problems match com hide behind cover call customer support but they're actually never get in touch with you.

Further than that. They just decide whatever they feel like to block your. And ever if I did violated I deserve explanation and what did I do wrong. As much as to my knowledge I was always courteous and polite to everybody. Therefore there is no reason to be black me out not to refund my money not to let me go back on the side. It's definitely a big scam by the people Match com. This should not even be allowed to operate!

Match login problems

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