Mature moms in Australia

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In the past 30 years, the fertility rate of women aged has more than doubled inand for women aged it has tripled. In contrast, teenage fertility nearly halved during this period. Current figures also show women aged continue to have the highest fertility, followed by women ages ABS Director of Demography, Anthony Grubb, said: "The long-term decline in fertility of younger mums as well as the continued increase in fertility of older mums reflects a shift towards late childbearing. Together, this has resulted in a rise in median age Mature moms in Australia mothers and a fall in Australia's total fertility rate.

Inthe total fertility rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers was 2. There were 20, births registered 7 per cent of all births where at least one parent was an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian. More details, including state and Mature moms in Australia information, can be found in Births, Australia, cat. Media Notes Birth records are provided electronically to the ABS by state and territory registrars on a monthly basis for compilation into aggregate statistics on a quarterly and annual basis.

Annual estimates on a year of registration basis are published within 12 months of the reference year in Births, Australia cat. Quarterly estimates of births on a preliminary basis are published five to six months after the reference period in Australian Demographic Statistics cat.

One dimension of timeliness in birth registrations data is the interval between the occurrence and registration of a birth.

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Some births occurring in one year are not registered until the following year or later. This can be caused by either a delay by the parent s in submitting a completed form to the registry, or a delay by the registry in processing the birth for example, due to follow up activity due to missing information on the form, or resource limitations.

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More information available in Explanatory notes in Births, Australia cat. Document Selection. These documents will be presented in a new window. Archived content. See ABS Website for latest information and statistics. Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Search for: Submit search query:. Statistics Census Complete your survey About. Australian women are now having children older than ever. Document Selection These documents will be presented in a new window.

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Mature moms in Australia

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