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Well, you may need to start lifting heavierincreasing your reps, or relying on more compound movements to get out of your workout rut.

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To help you cut down on your gym time while netting bigger muscle-buildingwe asked top trainer, Jess AllenCSCS, for the mistakes she most commonly sees. Plus, we consulted research to find out how you can tweak your routine to maximize strength and muscle. Two, your muscles adapt quickly to exercise. Varying your training will keep your body guessing and your muscles building. Additional stress on your muscles is essential for repairing and rebuilding, which is what makes them stronger. Shorter, more effective workout sessions? Yes, please. Check out this guide to picking the right weights for you.

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If you want to increase strength, doing more reps can be just as effective, according to research in the Journal of Applied Physiology. In a study on men who did full-body resistance trainingthose who performed 20 to 25 reps with lighter weights saw equal strength gains as those who lifted heavier weights and completed eight to 12 reps.

As long as you lift until your muscles are fatigued, you can get just as good. Separate ab workouts are OK, but they may not be the best use of your session. For instance, squats, kettlebell swingsrenegade rows, deadlifts and thrusters may not seem like classic ab moves, but they all engage the core. To keep up your cardiorespiratory fitness and ensure the top-notch calorie-burn of cardio, two or three days of a high intensity interval training session HIITcan get the job done. And if activities, Need clean man with muscular ass and body running longer distances, are meaningful to you, then you may have to readjust your goals, which is totally fine, too.

Speaking of HIITif you roll into the weight room and toggle through the same exercises at the same clip, it may help to kick it up a notch. According to a study in Physiological Reports, doing eight weeks of high-intensity, low-rep resistance training boosted strength and lean muscle mass gains better than moderate intensity, higher-rep workouts.

In the high-intensity group, participants did four sets of three to five reps at 90 percent of their one-rep max. In between sets, they rested for three minutes. The moderate-intensity group did four sets of reps at 70 percent of their one-rep max. On the other hand, they rested for one minute in between sets.

Why the better ? The authors say that the multi-t movements the high-intensity group used deadlifts and bench presses improved strength gains, and the higher-intensity movements recruited more muscle fibers. This article originally appeared on Life by Daily Burn. Want more tips like these? IE 11 is not supported.

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Need clean man with muscular ass and body

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