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I have to say this site for me when it was active worked. Added to just how many women I met in Sydney between divorces well defied belief how many women just wanted FWB. I tried the new Helium. I found it a total waste of time there are chat room for adults but I discovered people on in the chat rooms are more like Kindagarten.

Oasis Active was by far the best dating site that I have used I wish they would bring it back as it was I miss it Not really surprised Oasisactive has been removed completely. It was overall useless and a complete waste of time. The change over I Online dating site oasis has disappointed alot of people I think they tell you to switch over to helium and you'll keep everything Notttt you lose all your contacts and friends you've made I tried others but they were meeting what I was asking I found a few nice guys on here I was looking for men and I it when you does not meet my criteria.

I have been a member on and off over the past 6 years and finding a genuine person on this site is impossible. I am now glad is is closing down as from end of October The men on there are not interested in hearing what you have to say and just want to talk about s3x, porn and anything else with sexual content. Their new site is called Online dating site oasis. It is a paid site and you can only access it via a phone or tablet.

No internet site. Sexual predators or single dad's waste if time or unemployed finciacialky unstable or pedos or sexually explict creeps of men dont both her waiting your time on this site or. I am wondering after being on this site do oasis active still keep your personal details even after deactivation of ?

phone etc I'm just curious that's all!!!!!!!! I'm newly single and thought I would give it a go, I met a few women on there and quickly realised that there is a lot of catfishing going on, none of the women on there can string a sentence together consisting of 3 or more words, full of scammers too. Terrible site. When Oasis was active I have alot friends there and a woman I was really close too.

I know oasis is not long Online dating site oasis, but is there a way to obtain my contain list??. ing Helium linked to oasis didn't sync contacts or bio. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Oasis Active. Write a review Ask a question. Brand Manager for Oasis Active? Sort by: Newest. Review rating. Is Verified. Incentivised Review. Interested in. Real Life Meetup. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

Was nothing to see 3 women a night just for fun. Loved it. Even up here I had alot of fun on the site. Shame it is no more About the only real free dating site there was.

Ease of Use. Incentivised Review No. See all answers. Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview. Other Online Dating Sites. Gender Male. MicoCologneWico 12 reviews 1 like. Goulburn Valley, VIC. How do I still talk to the men I was talking to. Not the best site and glad it is now closed to new members. Horrible heaps. Peterkirgan 19 reviews 7 likes. Is this oasis legit????? You pay what you don't pay for. It's free for starters.

And i've met a few connections. Weed the chaff from the wheat. Go in with an open mind,but trust no one. The internet is what it is. Go in having no expectations. Left field is a bonus. Scammer alert!

Real Life Meetup No. Maddy S. No answers. Where has it gone. Ronald Borg 5 months ago. Into oblivion.! When will the site be active again. Get an answer from our members. Ask your question. Submit your question. Visit official website. Other Online Dating Sites. Seeking Arrangement 5. Stitch 4. Prospr 4. Saphrina 4.

Online dating site oasis

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