Pink heart means

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Expressing your feelings over text or DMs can be difficult, which is why heart emojis are extremely helpful. But the issue is every emojis are open to interpretation. To save you from sending the wrong type of message, here's what each colour heart emoticon actually means. Emojis have become the language of texts. But the problem is this: a single emoji can be translated ,… ways. And this especially goes Pink heart means the humble heart emoji.

Use: No surprises here. The red heart emoji can be used to convey passion and romance, and should be reserved for your partner. Like what you see? up to our bodyandsoul.

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Use: When you need to express morbidity or sorrow, or need to sprinkle in some irony. Use: Send it to a close friend or the person you message the most frequently. In a romantic situation, it symbolises your relationship is moving into friendship territory.

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Use: While it carries feelings of envy, it can also indicate organic and healthy living. Meaning: Compassion, wealth, duty, honour, royalty and good judgement. BUT it can also be considered horny…. Use: Could be sent to an elderly who you respect and want to show gratitude towards, or when you want to shamelessly booty call someone.

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Use it at your own risk. Meaning: Serenity, care and comfort. Use: Can be used by parents to send to their children, or someone who wants to convey love that will stand the test of time.

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Meaning: Trust, harmony, peace and loyalty. Meaning: Dictionary. Use it in any conversation to show a sense of appreciation without putting an emotional edge to the tone. Use: Have nervous butterflies in your stomach when your crush messages you? This emoji will tell them exactly how you feel. Red heart exclamation mark.

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Use: Sprinkle this into conversation with friends, family or even a new flame whom you enjoy spending time with. Orbiting pink hearts.

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Use: Having a heavy talk with someone via text? This shows you understand them. Also use it when you need to accept an apology or when you need to do the apologising. Juna Xu JunaXu. Leave a comment.

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The magic of friends you need in life. Masterchef's Jock Zonfrillo launches own line of 'worry be' to combat anxiety.

Pink heart means

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