Reasons for not dating a photographer

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There have been a of " reasons " lists on various photo websites lately from photographers and their ificant others providing thoughts about why one should never date a photographer.

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Reading all of the various posts many contained valid concerns, while I believe that other more pressing reasons were missing from the list. My list would include the following:. Good luck getting them to show it to you or send it to you. Just like theother images they have on disk that you will never see, except the three they printed to test the color calibration of the monitor and printer. Sleep is optional because you will see every sunrise and sunset while dating them.

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You want them to buy you something that sparkles. Hope you like that new 50 mm f1. One reason to date a photographer, no matter what circumstance, when or where - they can always find the beauty within the moment. Georgia to Georgia photo blog.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer