Relationship valentine s day

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Figuring out what to do for your first Valentine's Day as a couple can be daunting, to say the least. When you haven't been together that long, you might not even be sure you're ready to celebrate such a romantic holiday, much less know where you'd like to go to dinner. It can quickly turn into a high-pressure situation, and one that doesn't seem very fun.

Whether you want to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, it's best to let your partner know what you're looking for, and then hear them out.

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From there, you can focus on the smaller details, like cards and gifts. Read on for more ways to navigate your first Valentine's Day together as a new couple, according to relationship experts. Since your relationship is on the newer side, you might not know how your partner feels about Valentine's Day. And that's why the best place to begin is by sharing your views on the holiday and talking about what you'd both like to see happen. You might not be the biggest fan, while your partner is secretly hoping for roses and fireworks.

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Or vice versa. Make a point of being honest, and getting everything out on the table early on. From there, you can rest assured you'll be approaching the day with similar expectations. While a conversation is definitely in order, you won't necessarily want to overthink the holiday or put too much pressure on yourselves, as that will only drag down the mood and make the day feel overwhelming, instead of fun.

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But ultimately, it's just an excuse to spend some time together — and maybe treat yourselves — so keep that in mind. As the day approaches, remember there are no hard and fast Valentine's Day rulesRelationship valentine s day. Instead, it's all about figuring out what seems right for your relationship and sticking to that. A big part of Valentine's Day is the gift giving segment, which often includes doling out flowers, cards, jewelry, and so on.

Relationship valentine s day since it's your first time celebrating together, you won't want to go overboard. This is where chatting will come in handy as you decide what seems right. If you've only been together a month, you may not want to invest in something too pricy, Hirsch says. But it's up to you. There are so many ways to surprise each other, from flowers, to thoughtful cards, to fun experiences you can share together. When you're new to a relationship, it can take a while to get to the staring-at-each-other-across-a-candlit-table stage, and that's OK.

If you aren't there yet, make a point of keeping things casual, at least for the time being. Hirsch suggests doing a fun, low-pressure activity together like going bowling or playing games at a bar.

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The cool thing about a new relationship is that it's a blank slate, which means you can literally come up with whatever you'd like to do, including creating your own tradition for Valentine's Day. If you're all about tradition, you might choose a restaurant and decide to go back to that same spot again and again, Scott-Hudson says.

But this can also be a great time to get creative, go off the beaten path, and shape the day into exactly what you'd like it to be. When more established couples are well into their Valentine's Day traditions, there's the potential for feeling as if your day Relationship valentine s day measuring up. So try to avoid comparing your holiday to the ones you see on social media, or hear about from friends.

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Of course, if all else fails — and you find yourselves at a Relationship valentine s day on Valentine's Day — you might want to purposefully lean into the cheesiness the day has to offer, and enjoy all things heart-shaped. You may even find that these vibes actually fit perfectly with how you've been feeling. Whatever you decide to do, know that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming when you're a brand new couple.

Simply remaining honest about your expectations, and allowing yourselves to enjoy the day, may be all you need to do. Jonathan Bennettcertified counselor and dating expert at Double Trust Dating.

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Becca Hirsch, M. By Carolyn Steber.

Relationship valentine s day

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