Signs hes not worth dating

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And usually, this is more than true. With that taken into consideration, you have to remember that you need to be very careful whom to give your attention. He asks for so much of you and never gives anything in return. You are not that important to him and your relationship has no future whatsoever. Not just any girls—he often mentions his exes in conversations with you. He is doing this only to hurt you.

He is doing this on purpose because he has no interest in taking care of you. You are the one who has to start every conversation. He is hot and cold. One moment he is all kind and generous and the next, he is heartless and inconsiderate. Usually, he is nice to you only because he wants something from you and the rest of the time he is as cold as ice. He does completely the opposite.

He provokes you and then brings out the devil inside of you. He has no life outside of you and outside of the relationship. This can be really exhausting and it becomes unbearable after some time.

And on the other hand, if he loves you, he would give you some space and some time alone when you need it. He never has your back, although you are always there for him. You can never count on him when things gets tough for you.

You can never count on him helping you in difficult situations in life. April is a relationship expert who ed Herway to teach us all how to deal with one of the most dreaded things ever - breakup. She knows just how to behave to save your sanity, and all the right moves to make if you actually want to get a guy back.

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Signs hes not worth dating

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