Things You Must Know About Moors and Christian festivals in Spain

Moors and Christian festivals

The Moors and Christians festivals are ones of the most authentic ceremonies along the gorgeous Mediterranean coast of Spain. That organized in different towns and in different days over the year depending on locality. Also the event felt with magic, spectacle, decorating streets like the middle ages with impressive procession and imitating battles.   History:…

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All you need to know about Las Fallas Festival in Valencia

Las falls festival Valencia City

Las Fallas is the most important festival in Valencia City, Spain, which celebrates each year on 15th to the 19th of March. This celebration attracts many visitors from all over the world to discover the different activities hold in that festival like the carnival of bonfires, fireworks, delicious food and to see the big puppets or the Ninots.   History of Las falls festival: This story began in the middle ages when…

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