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Thank you for taking a look at the reviews from my clients. If you would like to get to know more about myself and my Tantra Massage Las Vegas techniques. Kimberley was greatly talented with her hands, but what really sets her apart are her words. She taught me a great deal about my body and how to overcome some issues Id been having. Shes a very kind and down to earth person. She makes you feel comfortable right away. Her location was great and easy to get to and clean. Five stars.

During my session I discovered she has an uncanny intuition for Tantra in las vegas of pleasure. With this she managed to keep me at a prolonged plateau without overwhelming my senses. In the days following my session I was more relaxed and awake than I ever had been before. Her touch is simply inspired! Prepare to rethink everything you think you know about tantric massage.

You will experience feelings and sensations you didnt know your body was capable of and it will alter you in a profound and positive way. I travel all around the world and get massages everywhere, and I do not have enough compliments for Tantra in las vegas woman and her incredible skills. On a scale ofshe is a She does this thing with her hands that made me think other things were going on, it Tantra in las vegas her own unique technique her words and drove me crazy and made me feel things I never have, and then adding the tantra was incredible….

Fellow travelers out there, when in vegas, do NOT miss this opportunity, she is real, she is friendly, and very very skilled…. I chose her because her website, and all the and info I found on her on the internet were good and most important, consistent.

So I gave her a call, and she was very friendly, yet professional. I booked an appointment and I must admit, I was still nervous……Her place is in a great area near the strip, clean, private, just like she says… and guys, yes, she is very pretty and made me feel very comfortable. The session was amazing! I was stressed and tight from the convention and her therapeutic massage part was great and relaxing.

The sensual tantra massage part was even more amazing! She does things with her hands even I cant do. Her expertise in reading my body was awesome! I know this whole tantra thing is very confusing or at least it was for me, but like she said and showed me, it is NOT complicated! Dont be fooled with all the hype out there and thinking you need different sessions, etc. Go to Kimberly, and yes the flat fee is also true. Tantra in las vegas this helps you in figuring how to choose a great massage therapist in las vegas, fellow massage enthusiasts.

I never had a tantra massage before but read up on them. Loved it. She drove me crazy with what she does, and very very good, I might add. She is also very pretty and her breasts are pretty damn near perfect and real. I also never had the prostate massage and also had read up on it. I was nervous but she was kind and explained it before and during. Very intense and also very good. If only I can convince my woman to do that lol.

The female I was clueless about but sure was glad I added it. Now I get why she calls it Gotta relearn stuff I thought I knew from the beginning ha ha. I learned soooo many things or should I say relearned… it was great hearing and seeing what women like, from a woman. It was invaluable. This was the best part of my vegas trip. Finally I felt I got my moneys worth in this town. But kimberly assured me her style and the Tantra massage is meant for guys like me.

She also made me feel very comfortable and is very nice. She has a great location near the strip, close to Mandalay Bay. It really is a flat fee Like her website says.

I have been to these massage places, but not for a tantric massage. I have had back massages from several different places, but not with a private massager. Anyways, I was wanting a prostate massage for some time.

I looked it up, and her name came up. So, I gave her a call. So, luckely I had the money. That is about how much it would have cost anyways at any massage place. Anyways, she told me how to get where I need to go, as I do not have a private place. She has everything she needs to prepare you for an amazing session.

She is an extremely talented woman, I have ever met in Las Vegas, since have been here, since She has the magic touch, that will take your breath away. She managed to control it. It gave me awesome chills. I have never felt in my entire life, at my age of I had to catch my breath many times, like never before. I am being real honest with whoever re this posting. She is real, kind and she slid her whole body on me, I have never felt in a long time.

When she did the massage on me, there were times I had no idea what part of her body she was using. But it was amazing. She is very creative with stop and go massage. My body shook at times. There is no flake or scam here. You will get your moneys worth here with Kimberly. I had no idea what to Tantra in las vegas. She told me everything and it went great. She even used her breast. And, the feeling on my body felt amazed. The Tantra in las vegas time I was there with her, was awesome. I loved everything that she did for me. I will be calling her again.

Oh, yea. There is nothing out there like what she did for me. Muy bueno. WOW is all I have to say.

Very sensual. Very erotic. Tantra in las vegas the edging and body to body stuff. Goose bumps. And to think I was nervous. Very hot and sexy. I will be back for sure. I highly recommend Kimberly. She is very professional, and I got way more than I ever expected.

Anyone can give a massage, I should know, I get them all over Tantra in las vegas world. But her expertise and knowledge of men, and women to teach me the female are immeasurable. As she says, every man is different, and you have to adjust accordingly.

She is very kind, and VERY skilled. I have never had that good of a massage session, ever. ly, I had no idea how women liked to be touched. The woman I am dating recently had asked me on multiple occasions to call Kimberly to get the female How to please a woman. Boy are we glad I did. I learned so much and corrected things I thought I knew lol.

I was nervous, and lets say, worried about my session being over with very quickly, if you get my drift. I thought she was very pretty and made me feel at ease, and I told her my concern, plus I wanted to get the female to be better with my wife. She assured me tantra was exactly what I needed, it is meant to prolong, plus her background is sex therapy, which really helped. She taught me so much about me and amazing info to use on my wife.

Five stars Joe. Finally I felt I got my moneys worth in this town Michael.

Tantra in las vegas

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