The city of arts and science Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain located on the east coast of the Mediterranean. Valencia has different places you must discover it like:


Bioparc Zoo Valencia Spain

The African animals are the staple of the zoo which was created in 2008. It has a new concept of having selected natural environment for animals that are visited by people.

National Ceramic Museum:

National Ceramic Museum Spain

This museum pieces are from diverse countries containing Greek, Arab, Roman and prehistoric times; this museum housed in the 15th-century palace.

Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail:

Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail

This church is the largest cathedral in the city it backs to the thirteenth century it has a mixture of some architectural styles. Also, you can go up to the top of the MIGUELETE BELL tower and discover great views of the city.

Valencia’s central market or Mercado Central:

Valencia’s central market or Mercado Central

Is one of the eldest European markets in Valencia was built in1914 it includes some gorgeous stained glass windows and rooms for over 400 merchants, also this market contain a different kind of food and gifts



Are the biggest urban gardens in all of Spain they are created when the flood-prone TURIA River was redirected around the city.

The city of arts and science:

The city of arts and science Valencia

Its name refers to a group of futuristic buildings was built by local architects called Santiago CALATRAVA and FÉLIX CANDELA, this city includes six buildings:

HEMISPHERIC: has been constructed to be like a giant human eye.

The Prince Philip Science Museum: its purpose to educate children with a lot of activities and to entertain them.

The city of arts and science valencia

L’OCEANOGRAFIC: is a small version of sea world they represent dolphins, and it has the biggest glass water tunnel in Europe to walk through.

The other part of the building named L’UMBRACLE and ELPALAN de Les Arts Reina Sofia is great looking opera house and theater.

The last one is L’AGORA which included exhibition space and sports area.


To conclude, Valencia is a fabulous place to visit, and you can enjoy from its beautiful beaches, foods, festivals, and monuments it is fascinating to spend your holiday on Valencia.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia