Undertaker fans only need to reply

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Support Scroll. Although WWE is not considered a real sport, the action and the protagonists achieved fame and global following just like popular sportspersons and Undertaker was one of the biggest stars for the fan base. The menacing wrestler with his trademark black outfit, long hair and the coffin allegory was a fan favourite for many all over the world and India as well.

How The Undertaker was an integral part of growing up in the s. It was an emotional moment for fans all over, even though the actual event was held without spectators present due to the corornavirus pandemic. The only possible introduction for The Undertaker tonight. This is surreal. Undertaker30 FarewellTaker SurvivorSeries undertaker pic.

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The measuring stick. The locker room leader. The Phenom. Three decades ago today, Undertaker changed the landscape of sports-entertainment. His legacy is incomparable, his impact immeasurable. Undertaker30 pic. After three decades of undertaker committing wholeheartedly to the WWEtonight we bear witness to the end of an extraordinary body of work. SurvivorSeries Undertaker To me, The Undertaker is an all-time great television character period.

Nobody comes close. What a career.

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The Undertaker has been a part of mine and many people's childhoods and adulthoods for years. Few rock stars and actors can say they've had as much longevity. And I can't imagine how fucking grim it is for Taker to have his career farewell in an empty arena. The Undertaker is the Greatest Professional Wrestler ever!

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The GOAT! Thank you for 30 years of entertainment. Thank you for 30 years of innovation. Thank you for 30 years of awe-inspiring feats. Thank you for changing the game. Thank you for shaping my childhood. I am blessed and honored to have shared the ring with undertaker! Thank you Mark for trusting me with the most incredible storylines inside the squared circle!

I know God has many great things planned for you and and your beautiful family!!! And here I am today crying for different reason. If there was something I wish was taking place in front of a stadium or arena crowd it should would be this The Undertaker entrance was always more of an experience. Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers. Contribute Now. Respond to this article with a post Share your perspective on this article Undertaker fans only need to reply a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers.

Undertaker fans only need to reply

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WWE fans are shocked after what The Undertaker just did