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Tinder is a strict online dating service that forces a use of phone s to make verification of the codes that they send users or subscribers. Whether you like it or not, you must verify a phonebut hey, who said it has to be your real ? This brief 6-minute read is going to show you how you can use Tinder without really using a phone or how to do it with a fake.

If you have been worried about being able to Tinder without other users knowing your other social media handles from youryou are in the right Verify phone number tinder. Or we have a definitive guide on Using Tinder without Facebook. This refers to the confirmation set of digits that one gets once they create or try to log in to an existing Tinder.

All they do is show that you are a real user and not a hoax. They are the equivalent of the capture-recapture test on websites to prove that you are human. A user will need to have his or her SIM card inserted in the phone so as to get a verification code. It is also important to note that, Tinder sends users this SMS verification code free.

For Tinder, they only work with an SMS service. Therefore, a user needs to have a device that can receive SMS. All that you have to do is to install one of the apps on your PC and install the Messenger app. After that, you need to as a to the Tinder and receive it from your PC. But what if you neither want Verify phone number tinder use your phone nor without your Facebookwhat then? Various online services allow you to use virtual phone s to receive your verification code.

Before we start, I would like to mention that this method works best on a PC than on a phone as Tinder re your device ID and also location. It will work on a phone too but also use PC. This is the best trick to log in to Tinder without using your real phone and Facebook .

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Verify phone number tinder you ever have a spouse that is cheating on you, you could use this trick to make a temporary Tinder to track them down. That is, do not allow Tinder to be posted alongside your Facebook status or do not share your Facebook photos with Tinder as a profile picture.

The only way for users to find you is if you connect your other social media handles and those will most probably have a connection to your phone. Another way is if a match decides to share your message with someone else where you had inboxed them your or Whatsapp.

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?

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My solutionjust create a new Tinder from the PC rather than the phone. This issue could be caused by an inaccuracy in your location especially if you have many apps using Google Maps or simply, your Tinder on the phone does not have access to the location settings. On a PC, the location is automatic and Tinder easily re where you are so easily Verify phone number tinder your code.

Be careful to remember that if you are going to purchase a premium version of Tinder, you should use your real life to avoid being a victim of online crime. The Tinder Verification Code This refers to the confirmation set of digits that one gets once they create or try to log in to an existing Tinder. The Tinder Verification Code proves that you are human.

Tinder sends users verification codes for free.

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Tinder has been giving errors whether through logging in with SMS or Facebook. Footer Get Tinder Inc. Home Privacy Policy .

Verify phone number tinder

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