Why men want divorce

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You've let yourself go.

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Men understand that women change over time. But there's a difference between putting on weight and getting so big that the Discovery Channel would be intrigued if you washed up on a beach. And is your car the only thing you wax?

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So banish the granny panties, grey roots and other frumpy fixins'—you'll both feel better. You always say no. If you're speaking in negatives as often as a two-year-old does, "you become a killjoy," says Amatenstein. Hear his wants and your marriage may go the distance. He's more nagged than nurtured. For instance, is your guy always running late? Set your clocks a few minutes ahead. It's sneaky, but less destructive than getting on his case. He feels disrespected.

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Resist joking on Facebook about how your favorite basketball fan can't even dribble—and don't rib him in front of friends either. Eventually your man's self-esteem will erode and he'll lose his connection to you. See where this one's going? Nowhere good! He doesn't have a marriage mentor. If your husband's pals make Charlie Sheen look like a choir boy, he needs some buddies who'll raise the bar, says relationship coach and minister Don Nations, of Sarasota, FL.

Your house of worship can fill the void: "Many offer marriage workshops and discussion groups," Nations says. Or pursue friendships with Why men want divorce happy couples—their dedication may inspire you both.

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You aren't his financial partner. If you two can't get on the same about what to do with your money, it can cause a marriage meltdown, Amatenstein says, "because of the behaviors it le to, like engaging in power struggles and keeping secrets, like big purchases, from each other.

Sit together and make up a list of dreams you can both agree on, whether it's to retire early or travel more, so you're working toward shared goals. If you really can't find common ground, speak to a financial advisor. You never let him feel like he's Superman.

Praise your husband when opportunities arise, but don't say "good job," Thomas adds. You disagree about how to raise your children. Maybe he's a softie who buys the kids treats, while you fear they'll never Why men want divorce the value of money. Perhaps he believes in curfews, but you favor free-range. Hammer our mutually acceptable policies about bedtimes, homework and consequences for misbehavior. And before you veto his viewpoint, see where he's coming from maybe he grew up in a dicey neighborhood, so being home by sunset was a way to stay safe.

Give in sometimes, as long as his way won't hurt anyone—"he'll feel that his opinions and feelings matter to you," says Amatenstein. And that's crucial for any relationship. He feels neglected. Life pulls you in different directions, sure.

But "focusing all your Why men want divorce and energy on your kids or career, and not at all on your husband, emasculates him and makes him feel as interesting as old furniture," cautions Fetman. Carve out a few minutes daily to talk to, listen to and laugh only with him. The best time?

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Make it fun. Blended-family drama. If his children from a relationship don't like you, your own couplehood is in danger. Make it clear to Why men want divorce husband that you'd love to be a part of the kids' lives, and that no matter what, you know he loves and needs to see them.

Don't try to take their mother's place—and never, ever badmouth her in front of them. Ask your hubby for his help in portraying you to the children in the best possible light. With time and a little luck, they'll soon see you're someone worth knowing, respecting and maybe even eventually loving. Type keyword s to search.

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Why men want divorce

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